Aboriginal Events of Australia

The aborigines of Australia celebrate as well as share their culture through several colorful contemporary and traditional festivals through the year. Some of the Aboriginal Events of Australia: 

Yabun Festival

Yabun Festival in Sydney, New South Wales, is the largest single-day local festival in Australia. It draws an audience of around 10,000 to 15,000 people in January on Australia Day. The music event features some of the best Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music in Australia.

Saltwater Freshwater Festival

The Saltwater Freshwater Festival is also celebrated on the Australia Day. The nomadic event is, however, is celebrated at a different location on New South Wales’ Mid-North Coast, providing healthy as well family friendly community activities. The 2013 Saltwater Freshwater Festival was held in Taree.

Spirit Festival

The Spirit Festival, celebrated in February in Adelaide, is South Australia’s major Arts and Cultural Festival of the Aboriginal tribes and Torres Strait Islanders. Over 100 singers and dancers and from all parts of nation participate in the festival. This festival has a great deal of cultural significance.

Native Arts and Cultural Festival

You can listen to Aboriginal bands as well as singers, enjoy contemporary dancing of world-class quality at Yalukit Willam Ngargee and visit art exhibitions. The event is conducted as part of the summer St Kilda Festival in Melbourne in February.

Message Sticks

The multi-arts festival Message Sticks is held annually at the Opera House in Sydney in March to celebrate the performances of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The festival features dance, song, discussion, film and art, mixing contemporary as well as traditional cultural art forms.

Ord Valley Muster

This is a two-week festival that is held in May in the distant eastern part of Kimberley region in Western Australia. It started off as a fun event for one night with a dinner for the businesses in the outback and has now become a festival with more than 50 events to celebrate Kimberly’s talent, spirit and cultural diversity. The festival includes sports, arts, music as well as nature-based events.

Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

This festival is held every two years in the month of June. Thousands of visitors gather to watch hundreds of dancers performing in the small town of Laura located on the far-off Cape York Peninsula. Aboriginal communities not only celebrate, but also share their culture through song and dance performances and arts. Travelers come here to experience a culture that dates back to 40,000 years or more.

Mowanjum Festival

Mowanjum Festival is a one-day event wherein you can experience the uniqueness of the culture of the tribes belonging to Western Kimberly such as Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal. The festival is held in July at the Mowanjum Center for Arts and Culture and features more than 100 native dance performers, didgeridoo workshops, magnificent corroborrees and boab tree nut carving.

Walking with Spirits

The festival is held in July at MalkgulumbuItu which is a waterfall and lakeside site. You can get to know of the story of the Jawoyn people through traditional corroborree and dance, puppetry, film, music and fiery images. You can camp in the midst of the paperbark trees and connect with the spirits of ancestors who shaped the animal, land, plants and seasons.

Some of the other major Aboriginal festivals include the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and Gunbalanya Festival in August; Indigenous Art Award from August to October; Alice Desert Festival and Desert Mob in September; and the Bangarra Dance Theatre which is a national festival held throughout the year.

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