The Highlights of San Francisco No Visitor Should Miss

The Highlights of San Francisco No Visitor Should Miss

The Highlights of San Francisco No Visitor Should Miss

Picturesque, modern, and beautifully diverse, ‘the golden city’ of San Francisco is a destination that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.

The most popular highlights

The first thing that you are likely to recognise, (and that should be near the top of your list when visiting San Francisco), is the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. The second highlight that should stand out to you, are the famous cable cars. They are historically important to San Francisco, and yet they are also a popular mode of transport between locals and tourists. The cable cars make it easier to travel between different landmarks, and hot spots within the city. They do travel at a slower pace than you might expert, but you can use this to your advantage to capture some fantastic photographs of your surroundings along the way.

Alcatraz Island is where you’ll find the historical, widely-known landmark, and former maximum security prison of San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz has sparked great interest in people with its captivating history, and stories. It has also provided inspiration for many a film, novel, and TV series over the years.

Fisherman’s Wharf is another popular highlight which is a great place to sample local seafood, shop, and go on tours, or cruises of the area.

Something a little different

If you are drawn to doing something unique on your holiday, or are trying to find a contrast against the hustle and bustle of the city, look no further than this. Hire your family a car from one of the major hire companies in the area, for example Hertz or and buckle up to experience San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive. It is a fantastic tour that will introduce you to the different neighbourhoods of San Francisco, and allow you to explore coastlines, and landmarks where you will inevitably soak up the city’s rich history and culture. The 49 Mile Scenic Drive is thought to be the very best way to see the city, and an experience you would be unlikely to achieve on foot, or by public transport.

An overview

As a city with so much to offer different tastes, make sure to do your research to prevent missing out on something spectacular. San Francisco has it’s fair share of museums and galleries, including the impressive California Academy of Sciences. It also has an abundance of scenic open spaces, aquariums, historical sites, a lively night life, a range of eateries, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

The Drake Hotel Is A Staple Of The Toronto Nightlife

The Drake Hotel Is A Staple Of The Toronto Nightlife

The Drake Hotel Is A Staple Of The Toronto Nightlife

The Drake Hotel, one of the most popular boutique hotels in Toronto, is known as a “hotbed” for culture in the city of Toronto. The Drake has been known since the year 2004, for it’s commitment to showcasing some of Toronto’s best art. Unlike many other hotels in the area, The Drake presents itself as a boutique hotel. This means that The Drake offers some of the best customer service and facilities to their guests, while still presenting a feeling of intimacy and care.

The Drake is known as one of the top-rated, and most famous restaurants in Toronto. Out of the many Toronto restaurants, hotel guests know The Drake as one of the most appealing. There are multiple eating venues that are designed to fit the needs of everyone. The menus and decor of the restaurants change with every season of the year, giving returning guests a fresh experience each time that they visit.

There are seven different venues at the Drake Hotel. These venues include the Common Spaces, Underground, Room 222, Cafe, Sky Yard, Lounge, and the Dining Room. Each of these venues has a completely different atmosphere from the other. Some of these venues are very private and intimate, while others are lively and encourage guests to branch out and meet each other. Some of the venues even have unique gift shops and live music. Out of all of the Toronto restaurants, The Drake Hotel offers some of the best variety.

There are many types of entertainment venues at the Drake Hotel. The Underground is one of the biggest venues, which is known as the party venue of the hotel. The Underground is open during the night and hosts live music. There are Indie shows, DJs, film showings, live comedy performances. The Lounge is another venue that is part of The Drake. Some have called The Lounge the “living room” of the hotel. There is also live music in the lounge, but the lounge also offers s o much more. In the past there have been live cook-offs from professional chefs, trivia, and art discussions between the guests. There are also world-renowned brunches offered and that are served in the Lounge. The lounge is decorated with rotating art exhibits as the background, making it the perfect setting for any entertainment function.

Every room in The Drake Hotel is furnished with a glass shower, artwork unique to each room, hardwood floors, customized millwork, a Drake Hotel handmade doll, and edible treats. Each room is charmingly petite, giving them a cozy and comfortable feel. The main function for the bedrooms, or crash pads, is for sleeping. The Dens and Salons are designed for the guests to have fun and relax in. Visit for more information and start planning your trip to The Drake today!

Author Bio:

Francis Jodden is a Canadian hotel &hospitality critic who blogs about the best places to stay and dine in Canada and abroad. When choosing among popular boutique hotels in Toronto, Francis prefers and always recommends The Drake Hotel for a great stay and a great meal. For more information and to start planning your Toronto trip today, Francis recommends that you visit!

Ten Beautiful Things to Experience in Antigua

Ten Beautiful Things to Experience in Antigua

Ten Beautiful Things to Experience in Antigua

St. John’s, Antigua’s capital city, is the commercial center in the island. This wonderful vacation place holds something for everyone to enjoy. It maintains its West Indian flavor and enthralls visitors with local specialties, shopping, galleries, traditional stone buildings as well as huts made of wood. The best ten things that you can do in St. John’s are:

St. John the Divine’s Cathedral

In this historic church services are held daily even now and anyone can take part. You can enjoy the artwork, atmosphere and architecture inspired by religion. You don’t have to pay any admission fee, but is suggested that you donate some amount in order to help maintain the church.

This church has been built on the same location where two churches existed, of course, one after the other; the first one was St. John’s Anglican Church that was built in 1681 and the second one was built in 1746.

Antigua and Barbuda Museum

The museum, operated and maintained by the community, displays a great collection of historical pieces. The museum allows visitors to touch as well as feel the stone pestles and conch-shell tools that the islanders carved in the past. The museum also examines natural history and the colonial influence on the island’s development.

Fort James

Fort James is a seventeenth century British Fort that was built in order protect the St. John’s harbor. You can still see parts of the original wall, powder magazines from of the 1600s and 1700s and cannons.

Redcliffe Quay

The Redcliffe Quay which was originally slave quarters is now full of food vendors, specialty shops and tourist information centers.

Cedar Valley Golf Club

If you play golf, then you will definitely want to visit this golf club. It is a par-70, 6,000 yard course that offers splendid views of the ocean. The Antigua Open and the Eastern Caribbean Golf Championship are conducted in this club.

Heritage Quay

Heritage Quay is another shopping district that offers duty-free shopping. The Heritage Quay also provides an out of this world view of St. John’s Harbor.

Star Clipper

You can go for a cruise on the Caribbean Sea waters in a replica of the nineteenth century Clipper Ship.

Fort Barrington

Fort Barrington was built in 1779 to protect the interests of the British from the French invaders. It is named after the Admiral who strengthened the fort in the year 1779 to safeguarded St. John’s Harbor during the 18th and 19th centuries. A short hike is required to access Fort Barrington.

Museum of Marine Art

The Museum of Marine Art is dedicated to beach lovers and here you can see unique as well as unusual sand samples and artifacts that were retrieved from local shipwrecks.

Catherineburg Ruins

If you are interested in history, Catherineburg Ruins in is the place to visit. Here, you will learn a lot about the colonialism that existed during the eighteenth century. The sugar and rum factory that was located in this place served as the headquarters of the Amina warriors during the 1733 slave revolt.

So, whatever it is that you are looking for – shopping, sightseeing, golfing – St. John’s will offer you that.

Planning Your Whistler Golf Getaway

Planning Your Whistler Golf Getaway

Planning Your Whistler Golf Getaway

During the winter, Whistler is a mecca for all downhill ski enthusiasts. In the summer, though, Whistler is a top vacation destination for golfers. Home to four championship courses and nestled in the Blackcomb Mountains of British Columbia, Whistler provides the backdrop for an amazing golf getaway that is easy to reach with shuttle service.

Getting to the resorts is easy and Whistler transportation can be easily arranged online through The website provides fast and easy booking for shuttles that provide transportation from Vancouver to Whistler, in between the resorts and the city, and to and from the airport. Transportation is effortless to and from the following world-class golf courses.

Robert Cupp’s Big Sky Golf and Country Club rests in an exquisitely picturesque setting as it lies at the base of Mount Currie. A wonderful day of golf is waiting to be enjoyed on the award-winning course featuring bent grass from the tee to the green and Ravensdale sand bunkers. The next amazing course is Nicklaus North which rests among a beautiful sparkling lake, gorgeous pine trees and a majestic mountain background. Designed by Jack Nicklaus, the course is rated as one of the top courses in North America. In addition, the course has a marvelous grill that boasts a lakeside patio. Another fabulous course meandering along a beautiful mountain backdrop is Arnold Palmer’s first Canadian golf course, Whistler Golf Club. Nine lakes and two creeks overshadowed by majestic cedars bejewel the spectacular course. Finally, the most unique golf course in Whistler is Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club, designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. The course has been etched from the side of Blackcomb Mountain and rests 400 feet above the valley. The higher elevation provides golfing with an unbelievable view of the mountains and valley below. Wildlife, ravines and waterfalls are gems among the rolling course. In addition to amazing golf resorts, the area is home to Whistler, a wonderful mountain village.

A picturesque and quaint hamlet, Whistler provides elegant and unique dining, shopping and entertainment experiences. Dining venues range from casual to fine dining while exclusive shopping is found in the village’s boutique shops along Whistler’s Stroll. Museums and galleries are ready to be explored in and around the village and offer a look into Whistler’s history and culture. The beautiful village and amazing golf courses make Whistler an incredible vacation destination.

Planning an amazing golf vacation is easy and convenient. Getting between Whistler and Vancouver is easy to arrange by using Ridebooker transportation options. Whistler transportation is available to and from the city, airports, golf courses and Whistler village. Easy access to all of the resorts and the amenities of the resort area help to make any Whistler golf vacation a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Author Bio:

Jack Benefold is a Canadian golf writer and golf enthusiast who blogs about his favorite golfing destinations. On a Whistler golf getaway, Jack always uses Ridebooker transportation options when getting between Whistler and Vancouver, and highly recommends their services!

Four Great Days Out for the Family in Barbados

Four Great Days Out for the Family in Barbados

Four Great Days Out for the Family in Barbados

Barbados offers much more than just the sea, sand and the sun that is generally associated with any Caribbean island. You can engage in a wide range of holiday activities, whatever is your interest or taste. In fact, this Caribbean island provides more attractions per square mile when compared with any of the other Caribbean islands. Here are some of the things that you can do in Barbados whether you are staying on the island or on a visit for one day on a cruise.

Go on a tour of the Sunbury Great House, the historic plantation house

The historic Sunbury Great House is situated in the heart of St. Philip countryside which is known for its tranquility. The Sunbury, an excellent example of Sugar Estate Great Houses in Barbados, is more than 300 years old. In 1983, it was initially opened for charity and in the succeeding year it was officially declared as a heritage house. Sunbury has splendid Victorian style rooms that are furnished with the finest collection of Barbadian mahogany and antiques. The House also showcases silver, chinaware and old prints. The House as well as the restaurant is open from 9:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the evening.

Enjoy Pearl Party Cruises on Jolly Roger 1

A cruise aboard Jolly Roger is still considered to be one of the most fun activities in Barbados. It offers the conventional Bajan hospitality, great food, pirate history, blue seas as well as the renowned Jolly Roger Rum Punch. The Black Pearl Party cruises are intended to excite you right from the start. It does not matter whether you are going on the cruise for the first time in your life or whether you are a veteran pirate partier, you are sure to thoroughly enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy the dinner show Harbor Lights

You will be amazed by the performance of the fire eater, limbo queen, shaggy bear, the stilt walkers and many other artists. This dinner provides you with everything in terms of entertainment and food: live calypso band, open bar and sumptuous barbecue. People of all ages are welcomed from 7:00 in the evening to 10:30 in the night on Mondays and Wednesdays. You should not miss this ultimate tropical party at Harbor Lights.

Experience real adventure on Atlantis submarines

One of the highly recommended and most unique as well as family friendly attraction in Barbados is the Atlantis Submarine adventure. You are taken on an undersea voyage (fully submerged in the aquamarine colored Caribbean Sea with accompanying narrations) and there will be view ports all around you so that you can watch the curious fish peeking in and sea fans swaying. This is a must-do undersea voyage and it takes you to a ship wreck that is about 130 feet below in the sea. Day or night submarine voyages are available and it offers a great opportunity for you to create safe, fun as well as unforgettable underwater memories for yourself and your family.

Discovering San Francisco

Discovering San Francisco

Discovering San Francisco

Discovering San Francisco is one of the most legendary cities in the United States. From Jack Kerouac and Alcatraz to the birthplace of flower power in the Haight-Ashbury district, nowhere else in America has inspired writers, poets and artists quite like San Francisco.

Known for its steep hills, cable cars, its eclectic, exuberant blend of architecture, and for its entry across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a city to explore and discover for oneself. It is packed with treasures that mean different things to different people and a skyline that seems to constantly redefine itself in the characteristic San Francisco mist.

Things to do in San Francisco – a selection

Golden Gate Bridge is a landmark known across the globe. Built in 1937, this beautiful suspension bridge has been featured in too many photographs and movies to count, and walking or cycling across its 1.7 miles is a pleasure.

Discovering San Francisco has many great parks and green spaces to explore, but the best known of them must be Golden Gate Park: some 1,017 acres of gardens, lakes, picnic spots, statues, footpaths and playgrounds that regularly play host to a slew of open-air events and activities.

Enjoyed by tourists and sea lions alike, Fisherman’s Wharf is a lively quay filled with things to see and taste, including the ubiquitous clam chowder served in a bowl. Even here there are hidden gems to be discovered, such as the antique penny arcade Musée Mécanique on Pier 45, home of the family-owned Zelinksy Collection, which dates back to the 1930s.

Alcatraz Island is situated 1.5 miles out in San Francisco Bay. Since the notorious prison closed in the early 1960s, ‘The Rock’ has become a popular tourist attraction reached by ferry from Pier 33.

Try climbing the 400 steps of Coit Tower, accompanied by chirping green parrots, or take the elevator; either way, the hike is rewarded by great views from the top of Telegraph Hill. Built in 1933, it was funded by a bequest from Lillie Hitchcock Coit to the city she ‘always loved’. The murals on the ground floor depict scenes of the Great Depression.

Sometimes said to be the world’s most crooked street, the steep, one-block section of Lombard Street on Russian Hill has no less than eight hairpin turns. Dating from 1922, this stretch is lined with flowerbeds that explode with colour in the springtime.

Discovering San Francisco’s Chinatown district is the city’s busiest: some 24 blocks of shops, markets and restaurants throng with life and activity. Check out the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, where thousands of fortune cookies are manufactured on the premises daily.

The Summer of Love has never ended in SF’s Haight-Ashbury district, with its charming old architecture and general hippy vibe, as evidenced in the many vintage clothing stores, second-hand book and record shops of the area; there are also great views to be had from Buena Vista Park, the oldest public park in the city.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to no less than 30 beaches, some inland on the bay and others located right on the Pacific Ocean. Some of the closest of the latter are the half-mile-long Baker Beach, of which the northern section is popular with nude bathers; surfer’s paradise Ocean Beach, adjacent to Golden Gate Park; and the less visited Mile Rock Beach, a secret spot for great views and quiet contemplation.

Northern California’s biggest flea market is the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, located at the former Alameda Naval Air Station on SF’s eastern bay – it is held on the first Sunday of every month. All merchandise must be at least 20 years old to be sold here, and there are literally hundreds of booths.

Whether hitching a ride with nothing but a rucksack or arriving business class, there are hotels in San Francisco to suit all budgets.