Five Sporty Ways To Explore Vancouver

Five Sporty Ways To Explore Vancouver

Five Sporty Ways To Explore Vancouver 

Most people want just get home and unwind after a day of hard work. However, in Vancouver, it is not like that. Everyone, starting from office employees to children, just don the sportswear and starts their exercises. The Vancouver city is referred to as the outdoor sports haven as the temperatures remain mild through the year and there are many challenging mountain hikes. Five great ways in which you can work out in Vancouver city without visiting the gym are listed below:

Skirt Around the Seawall and Stanley Park

The Stanley Park stretch of Vancouver seawall is around 10 kilometers long and is within jogging distance from the skyscrapers in the downtown area. It is so popular that spate lanes have been built for wheeled as well as unwheeled travelers. Go on a cycle ride to enjoy the stunning North Shore Mountain views. You can rent the cycles on Denman Street close to the entrance of the park.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park Hiking

The seawall stretch around the Stanley Park may be a crowded place, but you can enjoy peaceful moments at the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. The wilderness of the 763-hectares park can make feel that you are not in a city at all. You jog along the sandy beaches during sunset time, around the Camosun Bog that 12,000 years ole or take the rugged path to Fraser River Estuary if you want to challenge yourself a little bit.

Vacouver Coastline Kayaking

There is no doubt about the fact that the view of the city from the shore is spectacular, but from the kayak you get a different perspective. False Creek is full of boaters who gracefully paddle in between the Aquabuses enjoying the sights, whereas the adventurous ones venture to go around Vanier Park and pass the Vancouver Museum into English Bay. It is possible for you to rent kayaks at Jericho Beach and on Granville Island. You can also go on a guided tour and hit the waves.

Grouse Grind Climbing

The north shore of the Vancouver city with its mountains is difficult to resist. The Grouse Mountain is just a short ride from the downtown area across the Lions Gate Bridge. It is home to Grouse Grind, the favorite challenge in Vancouver.  The hiking trail is 2.9 kilometers long and is referred to as the StairMaster. The officially recorded completion time for this trail is 25:01 minutes. However, most people who are climbing it for the first time take about two hours. The panoramic view of the blue waters of the harbor and the city of glass make it worthwhile to take the trouble.

North Shore Mountain Biking

In the North Shore, you can also do mountain biking. The trails at Mount Seymour, Cypress Mountain and Mount Fromme provide great adventures. If you are not an experienced mountain biker, you must try only Burnaby Mountain which is equally thrilling.

It is not surprising to note that office employees in Vancouver resemble Olympians because these activities not only keep the visitors occupied, but also the residents. Thus, you can have a great time in Vancouver, if you are willing to don your sneakers and ride, run, walk or paddle.

Five Scenic Rail Routes Of America

Five Scenic Rail Routes Of America

Five Scenic Rail Routes Of America

Five scenic rail routes of AmericaThe grandeur of the North American continent is best experienced by rail. When compared to both driving as well as flying, travel by train will more relaxing and many trains provide a leisurely sightseeing experience. During the course of the train journey, you will go through some pristine landscapes that cannot be accessed by other means of transport. Here are five of the great train routes that you can consider during your visit to the continent.

1. Scenic Rail Route of America Denver – San Francisco

The California Zephyr which runs between Denver and San Francisco is by far the most spectacular train route that you will ever experience. It offers unmatched scenery of the wilderness as it travels across two of the highest mountain ranges in the country. As the train leaves Denver, it climbs the eastern side of the Rockies that are covered with pines and passes through a series of canyons alongside the Colorado River. By sunset, you will be watching eastern Utah’s red rock desert and during the night you will cross the vast Nevada with its stark and salt flats and arid mountains. You will be climbing California’s Sierra Nevada by next day noon and reaching Truckee, a nineteenth-century railroad town. After a brief stop, you will continue your journey across the Donner Pass and reach San Francisco.

2. Scenic Rail Route of AmericaLos Angeles – Seattle

The train Coast Starlight that runs between Los Angeles and Seattle features some of the best coastal scenery in America. The train traverses the shoreline of southern California for more than 100 miles and very close to the waves at times that you can actually wave to the surfers. The remaining part of the travel is through inland northern California and the Pacific Northwest. The highlights of the inland travel include a view of the sunrise on the 14,179 feet high Mount Shasta and the travel across Oregon’s Cascade Range.

3. Scenic Rail Route of America Chicago – Seattle

The train that runs between Chicago and Seattle, the Empire Builder, glides through the woodlands of Wisconsin, Minnesota’s lake country, prairies of North Dakota and the snow-capped peaks of Rocky Mountains. The train runs for about 60 miles along the Glacier National Park’s southern edge from Browning, Montana, and reaches the West Glacier entrance. Nature lovers can take a break and then continue their Journey to Seattle.

4. Scenic Rail Route of AmericaWashington, DC – St Albans, Vermont

The Vermonter runs between Washington, DC and St Albans across a scenic route to the east of the Mississippi. In the northern reaches, the train snakes through the rustic green hills as well as the photogenic villages of the rural Vermont.

5.Scenic Rail Route of America Chicago – New Orleans

The famous train City of New Orleans (because of the song having the same name) offers a romantic trip to New Orleans, one of the greatest cities in America. After the night journey from Chicago to Memphis, the train runs through the mists of Mississippi and Louisiana in the morning, introducing the Deep South.

Additional Information

The best time to enjoy the train journey through Rock Mountains is from June to August. This is because the summer wildflowers will be in bloom and days are longer during these months. If you are of the adventurous type, you can buy a train pass that is valid for several weeks and enjoy the freedom to customize your travel itinerary.