How To Do Barcelona On A Budget

Barcelona is a collection of diverse cities located in Spain and is one of the most popular places to visit in the whole world. Booking a holiday there can be a little expensive, so what should you do if you’re on a budget but have got your heart set on the place? With a little careful planning, you can get that Barcelona city break you’re dreaming of. Follow this advice: Barcelona on a budget!

Book Well In Advance

Sometimes, booking a holiday well in advance can mean you make great savings. By well in advance we mean as much as 9 months before you’re due to travel, plus you’ll probably have more choice on who to fly with and where to stay in Barcelona if you book as early as possible.

If you plan on doing this though remember the 24-hour rule. Check the same deal you booked the day after, and if it has dropped in price you can usually call up, cancel, get your money back and then rebook at the new cheaper price without getting in trouble!

Book Last Minute

In contrast to the last point you could try booking a last minute holiday to Barcelona, but you’ll need to be flexible with dates, times, airlines, etc. By last minute, we mean around 8-10 weeks before you want to fly. Tour operators become more desperate to shift seats and rooms when the flight time is nearing, so just bide your time and see what deals you can get!

Go In Off Peak Times

Any holiday is going to be more expensive during peak times. Choose a time when others are unlikely to go to Barcelona or when it’ll be less overrun by tourists, and you could get yourself a bargain deal. Travelling before the school holidays is a good idea!

Check Price Comparison Sites

Take a look at price comparison sites to see if you can find the same deal you’re after for less money. Just make sure you don’t make your decision solely on price, as you might find a cheaper holiday doesn’t meet your needs and requirements. Always make sure you’re fully aware of what’s going to be included in your deal!

If you’re booking everything separately, you’ll need to make sure you book your airport transfers to Barcelona city centre, accommodation, and other important things that are normally already included in a package deal.

Try The Travel Agents

If you go to some of the major travel agents as well as looking online, you could find a deal that you are able to haggle down to a better price. Lots of travel agents will try to sell exactly the same holiday at different prices, so that’s why you should do your research and then go to one of the major agents and haggle the deal. Smaller travel agents are unlikely to haggle with you so stick to companies like Thomas Cook.

Follow these tips and you could book the holiday of a lifetime to Barcelona for a real bargain price!

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