The Drake Hotel Is A Staple Of The Toronto Nightlife

The Drake Hotel, one of the most popular boutique hotels in Toronto, is known as a “hotbed” for culture in the city of Toronto. The Drake has been known since the year 2004, for it’s commitment to showcasing some of Toronto’s best art. Unlike many other hotels in the area, The Drake presents itself as a boutique hotel. This means that The Drake offers some of the best customer service and facilities to their guests, while still presenting a feeling of intimacy and care.

The Drake is known as one of the top-rated, and most famous restaurants in Toronto. Out of the many Toronto restaurants, hotel guests know The Drake as one of the most appealing. There are multiple eating venues that are designed to fit the needs of everyone. The menus and decor of the restaurants change with every season of the year, giving returning guests a fresh experience each time that they visit.

There are seven different venues at the Drake Hotel. These venues include the Common Spaces, Underground, Room 222, Cafe, Sky Yard, Lounge, and the Dining Room. Each of these venues has a completely different atmosphere from the other. Some of these venues are very private and intimate, while others are lively and encourage guests to branch out and meet each other. Some of the venues even have unique gift shops and live music. Out of all of the Toronto restaurants, The Drake Hotel offers some of the best variety.

There are many types of entertainment venues at the Drake Hotel. The Underground is one of the biggest venues, which is known as the party venue of the hotel. The Underground is open during the night and hosts live music. There are Indie shows, DJs, film showings, live comedy performances. The Lounge is another venue that is part of The Drake. Some have called The Lounge the “living room” of the hotel. There is also live music in the lounge, but the lounge also offers s o much more. In the past there have been live cook-offs from professional chefs, trivia, and art discussions between the guests. There are also world-renowned brunches offered and that are served in the Lounge. The lounge is decorated with rotating art exhibits as the background, making it the perfect setting for any entertainment function.

Every room in The Drake Hotel is furnished with a glass shower, artwork unique to each room, hardwood floors, customized millwork, a Drake Hotel handmade doll, and edible treats. Each room is charmingly petite, giving them a cozy and comfortable feel. The main function for the bedrooms, or crash pads, is for sleeping. The Dens and Salons are designed for the guests to have fun and relax in. Visit for more information and start planning your trip to The Drake today!

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Francis Jodden is a Canadian hotel &hospitality critic who blogs about the best places to stay and dine in Canada and abroad. When choosing among popular boutique hotels in Toronto, Francis prefers and always recommends The Drake Hotel for a great stay and a great meal. For more information and to start planning your Toronto trip today, Francis recommends that you visit!

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