How to Keep Safe When Backpacking Across Australia

Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world, and the size of the country is amplified by the sheer unused space inland. When it comes to backpacking, there’s no better place to experience than Australia, however there are many things you’ll have to prepare yourself for if you want to get the most out of your trip.

Many travellers are shocked at how big Australia actually is once they get there, and combined with hot temperatures and challenging terrain, you have to ensure your safety before anything else. Check out this guide by that takes a look at how to backpack across Australia the right way.

Inland VS Coastal Backpacking

There are open spaces in Australia so big, that if you got lost in them it’s highly unlikely that you would be found. The country isn’t like North America or Europe, where there are towns or villages every few miles; if you’re pointing yourself in the wrong direction in Australia, there might not be signs of life for days or even weeks. Most backpackers make their way along the seaboard, as nearly all of Australia’s cities are located near the coastline.

Coastal backpacking offers so much more than inland, not least because it’s much easier. Not only are there great transport links, but from Sydney to Melbourne, Perth to Brisbane, the vast majority of Australia’s population lives along the coast. There’s so much more to see in the cities compared to the rough inland terrain, and your backpacking journey will have to be planned by local experts if you do want to explore the outback. If you get hurt in the outback, there may not be a hospital for hundreds of miles, compared to the city where medical treatment can be found everywhere.


When it comes to accommodation during your backpacking trip down under, it’s best to stay with like minded people who are also exploring the country. There are specific backpacker hostels that can be found all along the coastline, and many of them make up a natural route so you’ve even got direction on your journey. Not only are the network of hostels cheap, but they also provide a lot of information on the various backpacking destinations in Australia. You might be able to get your room even cheaper by booking ahead.

Taking Care of Yourself

Generally, backpacking across Australia is safe, and thousands of people do it every year, however there are a few things to remember. Never hitchhike, as it is illegal and frowned upon. There have been some very shocking cases over the years where backpackers were last seen hitchhiking in the outback, only never to be seen again.

Safety after dark is also another concern when travelling Australia, and some small villages or towns are unsafe at night due to wild animals. There are also some areas of Australia that are known to be unforgiving drinking locations, and they don’t take kindly to drunk backpackers. Always know your limits!

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