Moving to Nigeria? What’s the Cost of Living There?

Moving to Nigeria isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and many people are confused about the cost. The truth is, relocating to Nigeria can be pretty expensive, and the worst thing expats can do is underestimate that cost. Expats who don’t know much about the West African country might assume that it’s fairly affordable, however; Nigeria’s two largest urban centres are ranked as two of the most expensive destinations in the whole world! Lagos and Abuja were placed 39 and 64 out of 214 destinations evaluated in 2012. Read on to learn more about the costs of living in Nigeria:

Rural, smaller areas in Nigeria can offer expats a much less expensive lease of life, and perhaps even cheaper houses in Nigeria property centre. However, many people wanting to make the move to Nigeria concentrate on the two aforementioned expensive destinations; Lagos, and Abuja.

A lot of people are probably wondering how an African country, often spoken of for it’s high levels of poverty, crime, and corruption, can beat massive economy’s such as Berlin and Barcelona when it comes to living costs. This is actually all down to the oil boom of the 70’s, which consequently allowed economic expansion and population growth to explode. Saying that, for around 90% of the Nigerian population, the cost of living is around 1 dollar per day.

Expats in Nigeria will have to spend a lot more to live the kind of lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. Unfortunately, it’s not very balanced in Nigeria; the rich are so rich they could take 5 baths a day in their money, while the poor are literally dirt poor. Some expats estimate that moving to Nigeria in a family of 4 will require the household to earn approximately 200,000 dollars per year or more, while a single person with less to worry about might be able to get by on around 60,000 dollars per year.

Housing Costs in Nigeria

If you’re not one of the lucky expats who has had housing included in an employment package, you’ll need a huge salary or allowance to cover the cost of living there. A one bedroom bungalow in Abuja can cost you as much as 3,000,000 NGN, equivalent to 20,000 dollars. You’ll also need to prepare to fork out for extra security due to Nigeria’s rising crime rates.

Transport Costs in Nigeria

The cost of driving and public transport in Nigeria can carry some unexpected costs. The only public transport worth taking in Nigeria, is a driver you’ve hired to navigate through the traffic for you and get you from A-B. Much of the public transport available over there isn’t safe at all and should be avoided! Costs to hire a driver can vary, but if you have an employment contract you should try to negotiate one that way.

Moving to Nigeria With Kids

It isn’t recommended that you move to Nigeria with Kids in tow, as the cost of sending them to a private school to get the education they deserve is close to university fees in the UK. Local institutions aren’t an option for expats, so consider this carefully when you have kids!

Moving to Nigeria definitely won’t be cheap, so make sure you’re prepared for the costs before making any big commitments!

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