Planning a Romantic Trip to Paris:Impress Your Partner with These Ideas

They call Paris is the “city of love”, and couples from around the globe visit the area to celebrate anniversaries and organise engagements. That said, you probably want to know exactly what makes this city so romantic, right? Well luckily for you I’ve been doing some research and now I’ve got a pretty good idea.

So, if you’re considering taking your loved one to Paris for a short break, have a quick read through the rest of this article first, and i’ll do my best to let you know about some of the most popular locations and pastimes frequented by foreign couples.

Wine and Oysters at Le Baron Rouge

If your partner is the type of person who likes nothing more than sitting in a cozy, comfortable room listening to soft music by candlelight, you really should take the time to visit Le Baron Rouge. This popular wine bar is always filled with happy locals, yet it never gets too busy to enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed evening. With some of the tastiest oysters in the whole of France, this is an essential stop for couples on a romantic break.

Visit The Dame du Canton For Dinner

This vintage barge that sits on the Left Bank of the Seine River is always a huge hit with foreign travelers. The gypsy-jazz music that plays every night is truly unique to the area and the lantern-lit restaurant that features authentic French dishes is guaranteed to satisfy – unless you suffer from sea sickness of course, as this boat tends to rock when it’s filled with happy patrons.

Head To The Four Seasons For A Chocolate Massage

I know what you’re thinking; “he’s made this up”, But you’d be wrong. If you take your partner down to the Four Seasons, they now run “all about chocolate” spa treatments that include mint chocolate body scrubs followed by toffee and swiss chocolate body wraps and deep tissue massages in cocoa oil. This is something I absolutely promise your partner will love.

Stay At The One by The Five

Though you’ll have no trouble finding luxury hotels in Paris, no matter where you stay you must book at least one night at The One by The Five. Located near to Port Royal, this private five-room apartment complex has been specially designed to blow your partner’s mind. With floating beds and black leather walls, this place is certain to make a big impression – just don’t plan on doing any sightseeing on that day, as you seriously won’t want to leave.

So there you have it my garlic-loving friends. Those are some of the main reasons why British couples travel to Paris – especially at this time of year when the nights are getting colder. Though I haven’t mentioned it yet, make sure you also spend an hour or two visiting the Eiffel Tower, as this always seems to draw a crowd. Also, make sure you take some time out to visit one of the many art galleries in this city, as some are truly awe-inspiring.

Have a great time!

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