Save Money While Travelling Abroad

Here are some simple tips to save money while travelling abroad. Put that money towards having more fun by a few simple tips.

When planning a trip overseas, consider an easy and inexpensive option for staying in touch with friends and family. Combine a device that provides directions, maps and translators inexpensively. If you own a cell phone with Internet capabilities consider purchasing a European SIM card for as low as $4.95 from Brightroam, a telecommunications company that offers travellers the opportunity to talk, text and tweet with ease. If substituting your SIM card is not possible because you have a locked phone, you can purchase an international cell phone that meets your needs from Brightroam. Roaming charges or purchasing an international package from a U.S. carrier may cost more when you compare the options from Brightroam.

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card maintains a person’s data including numbers, addresses, and messages. If you have an unlocked phone that supports Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and GRPS, you can switch the SIM card in your phone. Brightroam provides you with a North American number that enables friends and family to call you toll free. In addition, an international number for use while overseas will enable you to save as much as 65% on incoming calls, 51% on local calls and 99% on data. Free of roaming charges that can quickly add up, Brightroam provides 24 hour technical support. All of this is available without contracts or commitments.

The use of a Europe SIM card makes the European phone card obsolete. Locating phone access in areas outside of metropolitan areas in Europe can be daunting. If the hotel provides phone service, it is usually for a fee in addition to the fee you pay to use the phone card. Although most hotels may provide Internet service, using their computers often is not the most time efficient method of communication. Using an international cell phone enables you to communicate with ease and efficiency.

If you travel with friends or family and you become separated it will be easy to locate one another if your phone enables you to call, text or email through an international network. Phones today also have the capability to send photos instantaneously to social networking sites to keep others informed of your adventures. Whether you travel to the more frequently visited sites in Europe located in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England or you travel to Malta, Bulgaria, the Azores, the Canary Islands, your local carrier may not provide service in these areas but Brightroam provides service to these and other countries at less expensive rates.


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