Taake an Action Holiday this Summer

Some people cannot just settle for sitting on the beaches and sightseeing for holidays, rather they venture to try out some fun activities to help them unwind from their daily tight schedules. If you feel that, you desire a different kind of holiday this summer, try out an acttion holiday and see what you have been missing all along.

However, do not get over-excited and forget the rule of thumb for any form of travel, travel insurance cover. You need to be aware that all travel insurance plans specifically exclude adventurous activities from coverage and term them as hazardous. Such activities include mountain climbing, bungee jumping, sporting activities and scuba diving.

Plans that cover such activities are available but you need to ensure that the adventure activity that you are participating in is fully covered. In most cases, travel insurance plans include the activities as an optional rider, which ultimately adds up to the total coast. When it is an optional rider, you must purchase it with your travel insurance, as you cannot add it later. You must follow strict regulations of the plan and you need to be aware that even though it covers medical and evacuation fees, you cannot guarantee coverage on your sporting equipment.


Golf is a sport that suits both adults and children aged 10 years and above. It is challenging, offers room for improvement, exposes players to fresh air and sunshine and is the perfect excuse to travel to fantastic destinations.

Choosing a suitable golf holiday destination can be a daunting task especially for a first time golfer. Many factors contribute to reasons why some destinations are more suitable for golfing holidays than others, golf courses are key in determining whether a place is suitable. Other factors to consider include accommodation, climate and attractions in a particular region.

Some of the best golf action holiday destinations include Algarve in Portugal, Myrtle beach USA, Costa del Sol in Spain, Northern France, St Andrews and Fife in Scotland and South Africa along the stunning Garden Route.


Safaris involve getting in touch with nature and exploring different types of animals in their natural habitat. There is nothing in the world like going on a luxury safari as every safari is an opportunity for a different kind of adventure. African wildlife, vast awe-inspiring landscapes, fresh air, open vehicles and memorable nights under the stars in luxury canvas; safaris are a world apart; you get an opportunity to immerse into unbelievable magic beyond your imagination.

Africa’s diverse lands provide a playground for all kinds of remarkable wildlife adventures. From the expanses of the Serengeti wildebeest spectacle to the refreshing water ways of Okavango, from the mysteries of the Skeleton Coast to the to the hidden, wild pathways in the Luangwa valley, there is an overwhelming range of wildlife encounters in Africa more than enough to last a lifetime. Some of the best countries to do a safari include Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

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