Ten Beautiful Things to Experience in Antigua

St. John’s, Antigua’s capital city, is the commercial center in the island. This wonderful vacation place holds something for everyone to enjoy. It maintains its West Indian flavor and enthralls visitors with local specialties, shopping, galleries, traditional stone buildings as well as huts made of wood. The best ten things that you can do in St. John’s are:

St. John the Divine’s Cathedral

In this historic church services are held daily even now and anyone can take part. You can enjoy the artwork, atmosphere and architecture inspired by religion. You don’t have to pay any admission fee, but is suggested that you donate some amount in order to help maintain the church.

This church has been built on the same location where two churches existed, of course, one after the other; the first one was St. John’s Anglican Church that was built in 1681 and the second one was built in 1746.

Antigua and Barbuda Museum

The museum, operated and maintained by the community, displays a great collection of historical pieces. The museum allows visitors to touch as well as feel the stone pestles and conch-shell tools that the islanders carved in the past. The museum also examines natural history and the colonial influence on the island’s development.

Fort James

Fort James is a seventeenth century British Fort that was built in order protect the St. John’s harbor. You can still see parts of the original wall, powder magazines from of the 1600s and 1700s and cannons.

Redcliffe Quay

The Redcliffe Quay which was originally slave quarters is now full of food vendors, specialty shops and tourist information centers.

Cedar Valley Golf Club

If you play golf, then you will definitely want to visit this golf club. It is a par-70, 6,000 yard course that offers splendid views of the ocean. The Antigua Open and the Eastern Caribbean Golf Championship are conducted in this club.

Heritage Quay

Heritage Quay is another shopping district that offers duty-free shopping. The Heritage Quay also provides an out of this world view of St. John’s Harbor.

Star Clipper

You can go for a cruise on the Caribbean Sea waters in a replica of the nineteenth century Clipper Ship.

Fort Barrington

Fort Barrington was built in 1779 to protect the interests of the British from the French invaders. It is named after the Admiral who strengthened the fort in the year 1779 to safeguarded St. John’s Harbor during the 18th and 19th centuries. A short hike is required to access Fort Barrington.

Museum of Marine Art

The Museum of Marine Art is dedicated to beach lovers and here you can see unique as well as unusual sand samples and artifacts that were retrieved from local shipwrecks.

Catherineburg Ruins

If you are interested in history, Catherineburg Ruins in is the place to visit. Here, you will learn a lot about the colonialism that existed during the eighteenth century. The sugar and rum factory that was located in this place served as the headquarters of the Amina warriors during the 1733 slave revolt.

So, whatever it is that you are looking for – shopping, sightseeing, golfing – St. John’s will offer you that.

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