Top Places To Visit On The Ultimate UK Road Trip

Suggestions for where to visit on a UK road trip are a matter of personal opinion. Road trips have been my holiday of choice for many years, and I have toured the UK on many occasions, so you might find my observations interesting.

Tony Smith

The best way to undertake the trip is in a motorhome. These luxurious beasts offer almost every modern convenience and comfort that you need. You can hire them, but the price is extortionate in my opinion. The guys at think that is why sales are on the up. If you own the transport, you can travel whenever you feel like it; not only when you can afford the rental.

Let’s assume that your insurance is in place, and your motorhome is fuelled and ready to move. Here are my top places to visit on the ultimate UK road trip.

Fort William

We start the trip in the Scottish Highlands. Fort William is the largest town up there, and it is well worth stopping off for a couple of days to take in the sights. The scenery in the highlands is rugged and perhaps the most beautiful in the UK. Pay a visit to the majestic Ben Nevis, about seven miles away; the tallest mountain in the British Isles. Take an exciting cable car ride to the summit and enjoy a panoramic view that will take your breath.


Head south along the A9 to the historic city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle stands on an ancient and extinct (we hope) volcano and has been the seat of Scottish power and influence throughout history. Those with a love of things nautical can pay a visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia to see how they royal family travelled. If only we could all enjoy such luxury. The National Museum of Scotland houses technology and art that will blow your mind. You might know of the great masters but to see their work first hand is a privilege.


It is a long journey to London from Edinburgh, so think about stopping over in Derbyshire for a couple of days. The quaint towns offer much peace and quiet to the weary traveller.

When you eventually arrive at a site close to the capital city, take a bus or train into the centre. There is much to see there; the Palace of Westminster is the seat of democracy and the decisions made there have shaped much of the world. Big Ben stands as a sentinel over the city and chimes its presence. The London eye, which was meant to last only one year, will give you a bird’s-eye view of the city. I advise you to book early to beat the queues. The Natural History  and British museums house some of the greatest finds ever. That is to the dismay of the countries from where the UK took them. You will need more than one day to take in the exhibits.

Head to the south coast to finish the journey. Cornwall has some of the best beaches in the UK, and the peaceful villages and friendly people will show you how the British people roll.

I hope you enjoyed that journey; I am exhausted just thinking about it. Visit the UK and broaden your mind; it’s not all about the weather!

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