Villa Holidays vs Package Holidays: Which is Better?

The majority of people have been on a package holiday at some point, and villa holidays seem to get forgotten about. Villa holidays are definitely worth considering if you want a relaxing holiday, so why don’t more people opt for them over package deals? Here, we discuss some pros and cons to decide which option is truly better:

Everything Is Included In Package Holidays

Package holidays are definitely the “safer” option when it comes to booking a holiday. The essential things are usually included; your flights, transfers, accommodation, and sometimes even food and drink. You won’t have to worry about booking all of those things separately so you can worry less and simply hop on your plane and be chauffeured to your hotel.

The downsides to having everything included is that the accommodation can sometimes not be up to scratch: think mardy hotel staff and grubby looking bathrooms (read reviews on Tripadvisor before booking anything!). You may also want to venture out from time to time and enjoy food and drinks elsewhere, but you’ll be less inclined to if it’s included in your package – this means less freedom to eat when and where you like.

You Have More Freedom With Villa Holidays

Villa holidays offer you total freedom when it comes to eating where you want and doing what you want. If you want to eat in, you can purchase food from a local supermarket and stock up your fridge with goodies, ready for you to have whenever you like.

If you want to eat out, you can do that whenever you feel ready and go wherever you please. You could even have a barbeque at your villa!

You aren’t confined to certain activities, meal times, or meal choices when you book a villa holiday. You can find villas in Kefalonia, Menorca, Italy, even the UK. You can create the perfect holiday for you!

The only downside to all the freedom is that booking everything separately can be a little stressful. You’ll probably need to deal with the villa owner directly, where you should ask any questions you may have so you don’t come across any nasty surprises once you arrive. You do sort of take a risk when booking a villa, as there’s no governing body guarantee. You’ll also have to arrange your flights, transfers, and make sure you have the budget required to stock up your fridge, eat out, and go out to enjoy some entertainment.

Package Holidays Can Be Stressful

Package holidays can be stressful in a number of ways. There’s often a lot of people there on holiday with you, so you need to be careful about how you store your belongings, and constantly keep watch over your kids – which can be difficult when hoards of people are around.

With a package holiday, you will also have to take the feelings and needs of other people in to account – no making noise into the early hours of the morning!

Villa Holidays Are Private and Relaxing

Villa holidays are very private, just you and your family enjoying the sun and private pool. You won’t have to worry about who your kids are annoying or whether you’re making too much noise, and you’ll find it much easier to keep an eye on your kids around the pool.

Both kinds of holiday have their benefits and drawbacks – but we think villa holidays just pip package holidays to the post!

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